Let's design website – Build web DIY

A Tutorial to Build a Website

Here is a guide for you to build your own website. It is actually very easy to build a website and make it public online and make money for this. What topic would you build for your website? Of course a website is a means of earning a living. It is not easy of course to make a living through a website in the twinkling of an eye. It would take time for you to earn money. Many people are using trafficking in order to earn money. And this might be the motivation for you to build your own website.

Find a topic that would interest the viewers. Any topic can do as long as you know what content you will do.

Install a wordpress for your own website. That is if you like wordpress, wordpress is recommendable because it is easier to manage or handle compared to others.

Find a server or host like blue host or ihost that would manage your website. Install your wordpress to your host and then begin working for your website. Of course, you should know how to use the wordpress because it is not possible for you to design a website unless you know it. The website should contain reasons why people would visit your site. If you want your website to stay as a fun, so be it. This means if you have no money intention. But if you have an intention to make money for it, then your website should be something worthy to be visited. So make your website beautiful something that is full of effort.