Let's design website – Build web DIY

If you are going to do web design, which do you think is better for it? In fact, using both are good. Why? Both have pros and cons. In fact, there are many things that both can do. In terms of using html website, you do the coding by yourself from the start. In other words, you can create a website according to your preference and you are free to customize everything because you are the one who code it. Where as, in WordPress, everything is done and you are just there to change the default appearance of the website and it is very easy to do it.

You can just change some codes that are accessible but changing the codes might  be a little bit dangerous because it may cause malfunction of the site. There are things you want to do but can not do it here. In WordPress, you have to install plug-ins for security of whatever plug-in you like to install. In HTML, there is no such installing plug-ins.

Nevertheless, if you are building a large website such as having more than 10 pages, using HTML is not recommendable due to the toughness that you will be experiencing. Its too much work especially in managing the updates. Since there can be errors on the way of designing, you might redesign it and it will take lots of time and effort. In this case, WordPress would be recommendable and it is very useful for managing plug-ins and updates, you can redesign easily without putting too much effort on it. In WordPress, you can still makes use of HTML to modify and add some features you like. In this way, you are making a website worthy to be called one. Another thing about WordPress is that it is Google friendly, which means google can go on search engine.